TikTok Shop: Where discovery drives purchase

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Younger generations are dealing with different priorities, influences, and technology than previous ones, causing a shift in consumer behavior. Social Media is not just a social hub anymore, it is also functions as an entertainment center, learning platform, news source and is slowly becoming the primary marketplace.

According to a new study conducted by Vogue Business and Archrival, 77% of Gen Zs and 79% of millennials in the US are actively seeking style inspiration at least monthly, with almost half of those looking for style inspiration on social media. When asked where they learn about new brands, products and experiences, video reigns supreme: YouTube is the most popular platform with Gen Zs, followed by TikTok, then Instagram. In the appropriately titled " How Gen Z Broke The Marketing Funnel", they stated "To reach Gen Zs today, brands must understand how their consumption is an infinite loop of inspiration, exploration, community, and loyalty. "

TikTok Shop: Where discovery drives purchase

Launched last year, TikTok Shop is converging the creativity aspect of social media with the commerce aspect of e-commerce, making the entire customer journey seamless. It enables users to go from watching content of their favourite creator to purchasing with 3-4 clicks without reloading. It’s integrated with Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo, thus taking away the need of leaving the app and/or searching for the product elsewhere. This frictionless commerce experience makes TikTok Shop the new hot place to be at for the younger generation whose purchasing behavior has shifted to online. As Meghana Dhar states "TikTok Shop is perhaps the first meaningfully scaled foray into social commerce"

According to TikTok's own data, 55% of TikTok users say that the app helps them to discover new products/brands whilst 68% of users look up reviews on TikTok. Moreover in their 2022 study "TikTok Drives Brand Trusty Study" they found that 41% of viewers after seeing an ad on TikTok trust a rust a brand more. Companies that took note of this have been more succesful in opening up communication with their audience and consequently enjoyed more trust and credibility.

Other awe-inspiring statistics include:

So why use TikTok's new social commerce feature?

In sum, TikTok shop enables a personalised discovery of audiences that are ready to shop with a commerce solution that considers the entire customer journey and helps brands grow.

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